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Choose which option you would like to be customized

Next, fill out the made to order form, we can and we discuss the details the item wanted.  

All options Includes:

Jacket, Jeans, Dress, custom to rhw customers liking


Option 1:

Any 2/3 of the  combinations on 

- basic knit (stretch) from scratch 

Pre-made only below 

-Basic distress                             



**Custom fitted to the customer's body included for all combinations


Option 2

Includes all. -pre-made only





Custom fitted to the customer's body


Option 3

Custom garment from scratch          





These are all the base of each category, special circumstances are applied to specialized/ detailed orders  

$50 off if you provide the item(s) with pre- made items only. Not from scratch.

Email if you have other items/ideas  in mind.