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KBB Camo Chaps

KBB Camo Chaps

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These are the convertible chap, with a detachable leg hook.  Wear them together or pair the bottoms with a jumpsuit, and you have a new look.

These are the original, though the pre-ordered pair will not be the exact same, though very similar. 

These are pre-orders your order will take 6-8 weeks to create

 Options: camo chaps

                denim patchwork

Differences: color camo, the wash of jeans addition, bleach pattern, distressing technique. denim scraps

Same: Harness to attach the pant to the shorts for the camo, and denim that attaches the hooks to the pants portion

small sizes: 2-4

medium: 4-6

large: 8-10

XL: 10-13

XXL: 12- 14


larger sizing is subject to cost more

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