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Can you Rock a Paper Bag?: A Guided Journal to Fashion Wellness ( PreOrder)

Can you Rock a Paper Bag?: A Guided Journal to Fashion Wellness ( PreOrder)

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Can you Rock a Paper Bag?: A Guided Journal to Fashion Wellness (Can You Rock a Paper Bag - Fashion Wellness series)

 Can You Rock a Paper Bag? Fashion Wellness Journal" is a guided journal that embraces the concept of fashion wellness, focusing on feeling good before you put on your clothes. This unique journal combines self-love prompts, style and fashion wellness prompts, confidence boosters, and exercises to help you cultivate a sense of worthiness. It encourages you to explore your personal style, embrace self-expression, and build confidence from within. Through thought-provoking prompts and insightful reflections, you will discover how to rock any outfit with confidence and recognize your inherent worth. This journal is the first installment in the Can You Rock a Paper Bag - Fashion Wellness series, encompassing all aspects of self-love, style, and empowerment.





Fashion wellness! It's that amazing feeling when you step in front of your wardrobe, and even before you put on those fly clothes, you're feeling good from the inside out. It's all about prioritizing your own vibes, your self-expression, and owning that confidence before you even pick your outfit.


Fashion wellness is like self-care, honey, but for your style game! It's about embracing who you are, your body, your unique flavor, and letting that shine through your clothes. No more following trends just because everyone else is doing it – it's about staying true to yourself and rocking what feels right for YOU.


So, what's the key to fashion wellness, you ask? Girl, it's all about that self-love journey! Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Showin' gratitude, practicing mindfulness, and being kind to yourself. When you're in that good headspace, your fashion choices become an expression of your fabulous self. You gotta wear what makes you feel like a million bucks, no doubt!


And guess what, sis? It's not about the size or what the world thinks is "in." Nah, it's about embracing your curves, your edges, and everything in between. Feeling good before you put clothes on is that empowering moment when you rock those threads that flatter your shape and scream "I look good, I feel good!"


So, to all my queens out there, remember this: fashion wellness is the ultimate power move. It's about slayin' with confidence, staying true to yourself, and owning your style like the fierce boss you are. Let your fashion choices reflect that inner glow, and you'll be strutting like the queen you were born to be! Yaaasss


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